The 24-page four-color printed
brochure is all but gone.
The world has evolved from ink on
24-pound glossy stock to web pages.
Yet in many cases, marketers
complain that the elements of
good communications get lost
in this virtual realm.

We design websites for our clients
as part of their branding task
but don't believe they should
demand a workout.
They should be easy to read,
fleet to navigate,
and emotionally stirring.

Like these:



If you like old time radio,
Kopp & Brown creates sites for these, too. Click the radio for a growing list of FREE shows,
well over 1,500 to date.

To create online sales
for this clever little
GOLF SONNETS, we created
this e-commerce site for author
James Long Hale.
By the way, it's a very funny
book, and fits right in your
golf bag. Click on
the iPad!



For a delightful preview
of the book, and to watch the
author read a few sonnets,
click here.