We write, art direct, and edit all of our commercials; we have them shot by
select film companies, and we use some of
the best voices in the business*.





*To unashamedly drop a few names of the great voices we've worked with: Peter Thomas, Candice Bergen, Fred Gwynne, Alexander Scourby, Charlie Callas, Jack Palance, Paul Frees, Harley Flaum, George Coe, Kevin Meaney, Tammy Grimes, Jon Lovitz, Roger Bowen, Ralph Bell, Ed Binns, Dave Hoffman, Dru Doyle and Robert Dryden; not to mention wonderful closer-to-home voices such as Ferdinand Jay Smith, Jefferson Kaye, Dan Sheedy, David Sennet, Jerry Serafine, Linda Frame, Bill Clune, Allison Roberts and Heather White. We continue to discover brilliant new voices as technology now allows us to produce and direct in virtually any studio in the world without leaving our offices, though we sometimes miss those frequent, always fun and delicious trips to Manhattan, expensive and time consuming as they were.

Peter Thomas

Through the years, Peter Thomas befriended John Brown, who cast and directed him for commercials and videos for Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Niagara Mohawk, United Way, the RPO, and even just before his death in May 2016, Children Awaiting Parents. In a 1990 Advertising Age article, Brown dubbed Peter "The Voice of America." As a tribute to Peter, we are happy to share this biographical video: