When we first saw Steiner
Autofacer cutting tools in action
our first reaction was,
It didn't take long for us to
enlist Leonardo da Vinci
as Steiner's new spokesman.
Through videos for salespeople
as well as clients,
and with brochures, manuals
and trade advertising,
we rebranded Steiner as
"Ingenious Cutting Tools."
And the celebrity fees for
Leonardo? More
than reasonable.






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Crosby-Brownlie asked us to think big, so we created this 1-foot square brochure. Click on the cover and leaf through the pages.

Can an ad agency
be as heroic as
a St. Bernard?
Maybe, maybe not,
but we know a client
certainly can be.
In fact, our client,
QES Solutions, Inc.,
is quite heroic,
and we continue to
use our St.Bernard
to not only make our point,
but also to break the
industrial advertising
boredom barrier.

QES offers a large array of capabilities to ensure quality and to support manufacturers, large and small. We're creating a full library of eBooks entitled
which address each capability.

The RESCUE eBook at right
is just one example, where words, pictures and videos fully and colorfully describe their Precision Measurement services.

Flip through it yourself.