Deathhouse Rescue

The Temple Bells of Neban

The Three Ghosts

The Return of Carnation Charlie

Death On The Bridge

The Laughing Corpse

Murderer's Vanity

The Death Triangle

The League of Terror


The Society of The Living Dead

Poison Death

The Phantom Voice

Hounds In The Hills

The Murder Plot

The Bride of Death

The White Legion

The Power of The Mind

The White God

The Creeper

The Hypnotized Audience

Death From The Deep


Blind Beggar Dies

Aboard The Steamship Amazon

Murders In Wax

Message From The Hills

The Tenor With The Broken Voice

Murder On Approval

The Tomb of Terror

Death Under The Chapel

Caverns of Death

Traffic In Death

The Black Abbot

Death Stalks The Shadow

Night Without End

Gun Island

The Isle of Fear

Black Rock

Death Is Blind

One of the most popular radio shows in history, "The Shadow" went on the air in August of 1930. Here is a select array of 80 shows from 1937 to  1948 .  It began on CBS Radio and later moved to Mutual Radio Network and was sponsored by Blue Coal.

A figure never seen, only heard, the Shadow was an invincible crime fighter. He possessed many gifts which enabled him to overcome any enemy. Besides his tremendous strength, he could defy gravity, speak any language, unravel any code, and become invisible with his famous ability to "cloud men's minds."

The title character was given the power to "cloud men's minds so they cannot see him". Lamont was given a leading lady, named Margo Lane (played by Agnes Moorehead), who knew the true identity of The Shadow.

Many actors and actresses would assume the roles of The Shadow/Lamont Cranston and Margo Lane over the years. The main ones were: Orson Welles (1937-1938), Bill Johnstone (1938-1943), John Archer (1944-1945), Bret Morrison (1943-1944, 1945-1954), Agnes Moorehead (1937-1940), Majorie Anderson (1940-1944), Grace Matthews (1946-1949), and Gertrude Warner (1949-1954). Other actors to play the roles included Kenny Delmar, Steve Courtleigh, Margot Stevenson, Margot Anderson, Jeanette Nolan, Marion Sharkley, Laura Mae Carpenter, and Lesley Woods.

Who knows what evil lurks in the  hearts of men?  The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay. The shadow knows.  



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Murder In E-Flat

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