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The White Elephant
The Waltz of Death

The Viennese Strangler

The Unfortunate Tobacconist

The Uneasy Easy Chair

The Twisted Lip

The Terrifying Cats

The Submarine Caves

The Speckled Band

The Retired Colourman

The Purloined Ruby

The Pointless Robbery

The Paradol Chamber

The Out Of Date Murder

The Notorious Canary Trainer

The Manor House Case

The Living Doll
The Limping Ghost
The Iron Box
The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes

The Gunpowder Plot
The Guileless Gypsy
The Great Gandolf
The Girl with Gazelle
The Eyes of Mr. Layton
The Disappearing Scientist
The Demon Barber

The Copper Beeches

The Camberwell Poisoners

The Bruce Partington Plans

The Book of  Tobit

The Baconian Cipher

The Amateur Mendicant Society

The Accidental Murderess

Tankerville Club

Problem of Thor Bridge
Mystery of the Headless Monk
Murder Under the Big Top
Murder by Moonlight

Mr. Edwards
In Flanders Fields
Colonel Warburton's Madness
Case of the Sussex Vampire
Case of the Double Zero
Case of the Camberwell Poisoner
Case of Stolen Naval Treaty

Blarney Stone

April Fools Day

The Missing Bloodstains
Throughout the early 1940s on American radio, Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce performed as Holmes and Watson in several series of canonical and original Sherlock Holmes stories on Mutual's The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes radio show. These broadcasts were loosely based on Arthur Conan Doyle's classic cases. Listen and conclude, while many great actors have portrayed Holmes, the quintessential Sherlock will always be Basil Rathbone.