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Anti-Communist hysteria (McCarthyism) was at a peak as production began, and by the end of 1952, I Was a Communist for the F.B.I. was scheduled on more than 600 radio stations nationwide, and ran from March 30, 1952 to September 20, 1953. The half-hour shows were based on the real life adventures of Matt Cvetic, played by Dana Andrews. 70 of the known 78 shows are here. Want to watch the 1951 movie with Frank Lovejoy? Click below! For the true story of Matt Cvetic, click here.

I Walk Alone
I Can't Sleep
The Pit Viper
Traitors For Hire
Card Game
Danger Dollars
Exit Left
Red Record
Rat Race
The Whip
Red Curtain
Red Clouds
No 2nd Chance
Red Schoolhouse
Red Herring
Kremlin US
Red Waves
Tight Wire
Wrong Green
Brass Monkey
Forged Faces
Trial By Fearr
Riot To Order
Red Men
1 Way Ticket
Innocent Club
Crossed Heart
Red Octopus
Poor Man
15 Min To Murder
Use As Directed
Double Exposure
Word Game
Line Is Busy
Red Snow
Kangaroo Court
Burnt Offerings
Red Gold
Red Gate
Square Dance
Panic Plan
No Visitors
Study In Oils
Red Ladies
Enemy Friend
Rhapsody In Red
Unwelcome Hosts
Kiss Of Death
Tour Of Duty
Little Boy Blue
Pennies Dead
Suit For A Party
Rough Party
Little Boy Red
Red Clay
Red Rover
Treason In Cans
Flames Red
Hate Song
The Sleeper