Dixie Gilian Sam Tolliver
Jack Of Clubs Rita Malloy
Marcia Halpern Wendy Morris
Fleet Lady Geranium Plant
Reuben Callaways Pictures Give Envelope To John StJohn
Rory Malone Agnes Bolton
Joe Condano Georgie Lampson
Father Leahy Joe Dineen
Mix-up At The Laundry Little Jake Siegel
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Pat Novak, for Hire is an old-time radio detective drama series which aired from 1946-1949 as a
nationwide 30-minute program for ABC, starring Jack Webb in the title role (before he starred in Dragnet)
with scripts by his roommate Richard L. Breen. The series is popular for its fast-paced, hard-boiled
dialogue and action and witty one-liners.  ENJOY!