Son of Satan
This is an experimental site. Though we've enjoyed the CBS Radio Mystery Theater since its beginning back in 1974, some find listening back to each show ponderous with all the intros, breaks and bumpers, and some superflous narrations by E.G. Marshall. Some of Marshall's narrations help the storyline, but all others are have been edited out, reducing the playtime from 52 minutes to 35 minutes. Hear how well it works with the 1977 play below –– Son of Satan. If you have to hear the slow creaking door and ominous music every time you want to hear good writing and acting, then this is not for you. But we think you might agree that a trimmed show is much more enjoyable; but don't worry, you get the full play with all the actors and sound effects. If you like this, email and let us know. It will take quite a while to edit all the shows (there are 1,399 of them), but if there's a call for shorter ones like this one, maybe it's worth the trouble. (Doing a little math, we can reduce the listening time in total by 396 hours!) By the way, this is, and always will be, a free service.
The original late 1973 introductory magazine ad.

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