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Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was a radio drama of "the transcribed adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account — America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator." The show aired on CBS Radio from January 14, 1949 to September 30, 1962. Here we feature its brightest period, 1955-1960, starring Bob Bailey.

Bailey was exceptionally good in this format, making Johnny more sensitive and thoughtful in addition to his other attributes. Vintage-radio enthusiasts who often endorse Bailey as the best of the Johnny Dollars, and consider the 13-month run of five-part stories to be some of the greatest drama in radio history. The serial scripts were usually written by Jack Johnstone, "John Dawson" (a pseudonym for E. Jack Neuman), Les Crutchfield, or Robert Ryf. Blake Edwards (later the Peter Gunn writer/producer) also contributed several scripts and the show was always produced and directed by Johnstone.

The show featured an excellent stock company of supporting actors, including Virginia Gregg, Harry Bartell, Vic Perrin, Lawrence Dobkin, Parley Baer, Howard McNear, John Dehner, Barney Phillips, Lillian Buyeff, Tony Barrett, Don Diamond, Alan Reed, and Forrest Lewis. Movie character actors appeared occasionally, including Jay Novello, Hans Conried, Frank Nelson, Leon Belasco, William Conrad, Edgar Barrier, and Billy Halop.

In late 1956 CBS Radio retooled the show, which reverted to a weekly half-hour drama, airing on late Sunday afternoons.


Lansing Fraud Episode 01
Lansing Fraud Episode 02

Lansing Fraud Episode 03

Lansing Fraud Episode 04

Lansing Fraud Episode 05

Nick Shurn Episode 01

Nick Shurn Episode 02

Nick Shurn Episode 03

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Forbes Episode 01
Forbes Episode 02
Forbes Episode 03
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Caylin Episode 01

Caylin Episode 02

Caylin Episode 03

Caylin Episode 04
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Todd Episode 01

Todd Episode 02

Todd Episode 03

Todd Episode 04

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Ricardo Amerigo Episode 01

Ricardo Amerigo Episode 02

Ricardo Amerigo Episode 03

Ricardo Amerigo Episode 04

Ricardo Amerigo Episode 05
Duke Red Episode 01
Duke Red Episode 02

Duke Red Episode 03

Duke Red Episode 04

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Flight Six Episode 01
Flight Six Episode 02
Flight Six Episode 03
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Mcclain Episode 01
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Cui Bono Episode 01

Cui Bono Episode 02

Cui Bono Episode 03

Cui Bono Episode 04

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Bennett Episode 01
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Bennett Episode 03

Bennett Episode 04
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Fathomfive Episode 01
Fathomfive Episode 02
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Plantagent Episode 01

Plantagent Episode 02

Plantagent Episode 03

Plantagent Episode 04

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Clinton Episode 01
Clinton Episode 02
Clinton Episode 03
Clinton Episode 04
Clinton Episode 05

Jolly Roger Fraud Episode 01
Jolly Roger Fraud Episode 02
Jolly Roger Fraud Episode 03

Jolly Roger Fraud Episode 04

Jolly Roger Fraud Episode 05
Lamarr Episode 01
Lamarr Episode 02
Lamarr Episode 03
Lamarr Episode 04

Lamarr Episode 05
Salt City Episode 01
Salt City Episode 03
Salt City Episode 04

Salt City Episode 05

Laird Douglas Douglas Episode 01
Laird Douglas Douglas Episode 02
Laird Douglas Douglas Episode 03
Laird Douglas Douglas Episode 04
Laird Douglas Douglas Episode 05

Shepherd Episode 01
Shepherd Episode 02

Shepherd Episode 03
Shepherd Episode 04
Shepherd Episode 05

Lonely Hearts Episode 01

Lonely Hearts Episode 02

Lonely Hearts Episode 03

Lonely Hearts Episode 05

Callicles Episode 01

Callicles Episode 02

Callicles Episode 03

Callicles Episode 04

Callicles Episode 05

Silverblue Episode 01

Silverblue Episode 02

Silverblue Episode 03

Silverblue Episode 04

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Of Medium Well Done Episode 01

Of Medium Well Done Episode 02

Of Medium Well Done Episode 03

Of Medium Well Done Episode 04

Of Medium Well Done Episode 05

Tears Of Night Episode 01

Tears Of Night Episode 02

Tears Of Night Episode 03
Tears Of Night Episode 04
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Of Reasonable Doubt Episode 1

Of Reasonable Doubt Episode 2

Of Reasonable Doubt Episode 3
Of Reasonable Doubt Episode 4
Of Reasonable Doubt Episode 5
Indestructible Mike Episode 1
Indestructible Mike Episode 2
Indestructible Mike Episode 3

Indestructible Mike Episode 4

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Laughing Episode 01
Laughing Episode 02

Laughing Episode 03

Laughing Episode 04

Laughing Episode 05

Pearling Episode 01

Pearling Episode 02

Pearling Episode 03

Pearling Episode 04

Pearling Episode 05

Long Shot Episode 01
Long Shot Episode 02
Long Shot Episode 03

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Midas Touch Episode 01

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Shady Lane Episode 01
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Star Of Capetown Episode 01

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