The Prodigal Daughter
The Lonesome Lady
The Lady With The Golden Hair
The Man Who Liked Mountains
The Diamond Quartet
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The House By The Sea
Cain and Abel and the Santa Maria
The Lady With No Name
The Man With The Key
Too Many Mrs Rogers
The Lost Lady
The Guy From Gower Gulch
Pilgrim's Progress
The Man Who Fought Back
The Lawyer And The Lady
The Gambler And His Ladies
The Man Who Lived By The Sea

Jeff Regan, Investigator was one of the three detective shows Jack Webb did before Dragnet.
It debuted on CBS in July 1948. Webb played JEFF REGAN, a rough-and-tough private eye working for the Los Angeles-based International Detective Bureau, run by Anthony J. Lyon.
Regan introduced himself on each show "I get ten a day and expenses...they call me the Lyon's Eye."

The show was fairly well-plotted, Webb's voice was great, and the supporting cast skillful.
Regan handled rough assignments from Lyon, with whom he was not always on good terms.
He was tough, tenacious, and had a dry sense of humor. The voice of his boss, Anthony Lyon,
was Wilms Herbert. The show ended in December 1948.

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