3 August 1951 "Too Many Crooks"
10 August 1951 "See Naples and Live"
17 August 1951 "Clay Pigeon"
24 August 1951 "A Ticket To Tangiers"
31 August 1951 "Voodoo"
7 September 1951 "The Bohemian Star"
14 September 1951 "Love Affair"
21 September 1951 "Rogue's Holiday"
28 September 1951 "Work of Art"
5 October 1951 "Operation Music Box"
12 October 1951 "Golden Fleece"
19 October 1951 "Blue Bride"
26 October 1951 "Every Frame Has a Silver Lining"
2 November 1951 "Mexican Hat Trick"
9 November 1951 "Art Is Long And Lime Is Fleeting"
16 November 1951 "El Zorro"
23 November 1951 "Horse Play"
30 November 1951 "Three Farthings For Your Thoughts"
7 December 1951 "The Third Woman"
14 December 1951 "An Old Moorish Custom"
21 December 1951 "It's A Knock-out"
28 December 1951 "Two Is Company"
4 January 1952 "Cherchez La Gem"
11 January 1952 "Hand of Glory"
18 January 1952 "The Double Double Cross"
25 January 1952 "Five Thousand Pengoes And A Kiss"
1 February 1952 "Dark Enchantress"
8 February 1952 "Earl on Troubled Waters"
15 February 1952 "The Dead Candidate"
22 February 1952 "It's In The Bag"
29 February 1952 "Hyacinth Patrol"
7 March 1952 "Turnabout Is Foul Play"
14 March 1952 "Violets, Sweet Violets"
21 March 1952 "Faith Lime and Charity"
28 March 1952 "Pleasure Before Business"
4 April 1952 "Fool's Gold"
11 April 1952 "Man Of Mystery"
18 April 1952 "The Painted Smile"
25 April 1952 "Harry Lime Joins The Circus"
2 May 1952 "Suzie's Cue"
9 May 1952 "Viva La Chance"
16 May 1952 "The Elusive Vermeer"
23 May 1952 "Murder On The Riviera"
30 May 1952 "Pearls Of Bohemia"
6 June 1952 "A Night In A Harem"
13 June 1952 "Blackmail Is  A Nasty Word"
20 June 1952 "The Professor Regrets"
27 June 1952 "The Hard Way"
4 July 1952 "Paris Is Not The Same"
11 July 1952 "Honeymoon"
18 July 1952 "The Blue Caribou"
25 July 1952 "Greek Meets Greek"

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Harry Lime is a man of questionable character who dies almost justifiably as a minor player in Graham Greene's novel and successive 1949 film, "The Third Man," arguably one of the greatest films of all time. But it's Lime's adventures before the novel which makes this London radio series of 52 shows all true prequels and intricately clever epiodes. Welles brings a mischievious portrayal to life to the delight of many, even writing a few of these shows himself. All most enjoyable half hours, they are definitely a case of rooting for the bad guy to win.

According to Wikipedia: Fifteen episodes were adapted into a short story collection, The Lives of Harry Lime, published in the United Kingdom by Pocket Books in 1952. The book was credited to "Orson Welles and others", and Welles had been credited with writing the scripts of several episodes, but it is unclear whether or not he wrote the adaptations.





Additionally, producer Harry Alan Towers has cast doubt on whether Welles even wrote the episodes he was credited with. He describes how the series started being written by a team of experienced American radio scriptwriters. When Welles discovered they were being paid $1,000 per script, he offered to write 6 scripts himself. The scripts were delivered and Towers duly paid Welles $6,000. Then one day, a man walked into Towers' office, demanding to be paid for the scripts which he had ghostwritten for Welles. When Welles was asked about it later, he smiled: "Don't pay him. They weren't very good scripts." Sounds a lot like Harry Lime, doesn't it?

Network(s): Radio Luxembourg; MBS; ABC; CBC; WRVR-FM

Premiere Date(s) and Title(s): Radio Luxembourg: ~51-08-03 01 Too Many Crooks

Sponsors: Hemlock Farms; Key Soap of Kingston

Director(s): Orson Welles and Tig Roe; Harry Alan Towers [Producer]; Graham Greene [Creator]

Principal Actors: Cecile Chevreaux, Sebastian Cabot, Keith Pious, Robert Reardsy, Diana Foster, Frances Hyland, Suzanne Cloutier

Music: Sidney Torch [Composer/Conductor]; Anton Karas [Zither]