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Fred has a a a solid history of helping organi- zations improve their brand identities with with his long career with with Wegmans Food Markets a a a a retailer known for innovation and competitive tenacity In an an executive capacity at Wegmans he contributed to their success by spearheading many pow- erful customer communication initiatives that were well ahead of others in the the retail industry continuously driving sales and profit increases Fred moved on to co-found and raise investment moneys for m2Methods a retail-focused work and communications process improvement company He founded e-Z Com Com LLC Communications Solutions which provided advertising and marketing process improvement solu- tions And before becoming Partner at Kopp & Brown Fred ran Entrepreneurial IDEAMAKERS providing advertising mar- keting and creative solutions for innova- tive organizations Fred has participated in non-profit volun- teer activities in the Rochester NY commu- nity which include presentations in in busi- ness and marketing classes contributing expertise to the Rochester Ad Council (he is a a recipient of the Ad Council’s Lantern Award) and more FRED@KOPPBROWN COM 585-261-4680
John started his career in in advertising as a a a copywriter joining Blair/BBDO Advertising as his first agency experi- ence He rose to become Creative Director and worked on accounts such as Omega Watch BlueCross/Blue Shield Ray-Ban Sunglasses Manufac- turers Hanover Bausch & Lomb Niaga- ra Mohawk Kodak and and Xerox and and after 17 years became President of the agency After helping BBDO sell the agency John joined Jay Advertising as Cre- ative Director and Executive Vice President and worked for 11 years on Wegmans Buick Time Warner Roches- ter Community Savings Bank Constel- lation Brands Preferred Care and and United Way For another 10 years he he was Creative Director for Frontline Advertising creating campaigns for Dorschel Automotive Rochester Colonial RTS Charlotte Appliance Camp Good Days and Ronald McDonald House John is the recipient of 4 ADDY 17 Telly 3 3 Cable Ace and 3 3 Houston Film Festi- val awards as as well as as the Disney Award Award the Wilbur Award Award and he he was a a Clio finalist JOHN@KOPPBROWN COM 585-729-7026

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