Opening in 1875, the Crime Museum at Scotland Yard (also known as the Black Museum) is the oldest museum in the world purely for recording crime. A murder mystery radio show based on true life cases from Scotland Yard's files, aired over Mutual stations from January 1, 1952 through December 30, 1952. Here, free of charge, we bring you 31 of the known 52 episodes. Each episode was based on an item or items of evidence in the museum. Orsen Welles hosted and narrated each show.

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22 Caliber Pistol
Baby's Jacket
Brass Button
The Brickbat
Canvas Bag
Car Tire
Center Fire Bullet
The Chain
Champagne Glass
The Claw Hammer
Doctor's Prescription
Gladstone Bag
The Key
Kilroy Was Here
Lady's Shoe
Mandolin String
Meat Juice
Postcard of the Rising Sun
The Raincoat
Sash Cord
The Scarf
Service Card
The Silencer
Small White Boxes
The Spotted Bedsheet
A Trunk
The Walking Stick
The Wooden Mallet